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How to Keep Your New Hires Engaged

Derek Cirino - Apr 24, 2019

To ensure that your new hires stay engaged, hiring managers need more than just to put their new hires through a basic onboarding process. You’re going to need to walk them through a unique process and be open to their feedback about their personal onboarding experience. You’re going to want new hires to be engaged employees because it attracts top talent, increases profitability, and decreases turnover. By understanding your new employees’ professional needs and doing your best to support them, your employees will end up being more resilient. The best way to build employee engagement is to begin the day you provide the new hire with their offer letter.


Make an Exciting Introduction to the Team
This might be obvious to some, but one thing to avoid when working closely with new hires is not giving them the proper induction to the rest of the team. Organizing a fun welcoming exercise outside of the office, with other colleagues, is an opportunity to shake the stresses and to meet office people in a more casual setting. Giving new hires a ‘wow’ welcome will give them a positive taste of the company culture. When work starts to pick up, this is something the new hires can look back on to help them stay motivated.


Make a Great First Impression
Hiring managers should make a point to keep the onboarding process as stimulating as possible. This is because, aside from the recruitment process and their interview, this is their first impression of the company. Instead of initially sending an offer email, consider calling them with the exciting news. Following up with the personal touch of a call will ensure they feel welcomed and aware of the incoming offer letter. This is also a good time to share information on the next steps with them. Since hires may be nervous before starting their new job, it’s important to give them a point of contact they may communicate with prior to their first-day in-office.


Give and Get Feedback
The hiring managers should take the feedback they receive, from their hires, as their own personal report card. There should always be a time set aside to allow new hires to give feedback on how they feel their employee onboarding process went or is going. Early feedback can prevent new hire failure and drive employee proficiency. This is a great time for the company to implement new ideas, just in case they might need to revamp their onboarding process. This is also a great time to ask about their career goals. By taking a pulse with their professional development, this will also give the new hires affirmation that managers and counselors do care and want to ensure the new hires feel ready to work and understand their duties.


Encourage Professional Growth
Hiring managers should align stepping stones to help new hires achieve their career goals. Ask the new hires how they want to grow professionally and help them set reachable goals. You should also include goals that will encourage employees to be self-motivating and they get where they want to go. A personal development budget should be within your company’s capacity. This way your new hires and current employees can be actively learning and developing their skillset through courses and networking events. Setting a budget aside for personal development will make your new employees feel self-motivated and confident that the company encourages growth.


Have fun!
Last but not least, make it fun! Having business outings like happy hours and networking events with colleagues is known to increase productivity and enhance employee satisfaction. Work is stressful enough, keep the new employees enthusiastic by having enticing activities to look forward to as a team. This will also help your new hire get to know some of the current employees. Small things that include desk decorating, providing games for the office or having a ‘success bell’ are great and easy ways to incorporate fun into the office. You can even plan team outings and try to get high attendance at these events for more of an impact like happy hours. If you want to save money, you can always get your employees together by doing volunteer work and give back to the community by participating in local events, like beach clean-ups.


In Conclusion
The hires will become better-off and the company will reap increased employee loyalty. If your employees are engaged and happy with their workplace, they’re not going to have a reason to look for work elsewhere or look for a reason to leave. Inspire managers to treat new hires how they wish they would have been treated to create an ideal onboarding process. Leaders should continually strive to advance the ways they engage with new hires in the office. Employee engagement can do wonders for your organization and your team members, so begin inspiring their contribution and feedback the day your new hires receive their offer.


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