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How To Improve Employee Engagement

- Jan 22, 2014

Are your employees happy?


Engagement is a popular topic among human resources professionals because they are aware of the importance of having employees that are happy with their jobs. Employee engagement has strong links to profitability, customer satisfaction and turnover.

So how do you ensure your employees are engaged?

-> Make employee engagement part of your business strategy. In other words, start from your recruitment process. Find engaged employees and keep the employee engaged throughout the period he or she would be working for you. This is crucial because enthusiasm can not be forced. Employ only those who buy into your company’s vision. It is hard to motivate an employee who does not like the work you do. So you must take proper care in your recruitment and selection process to find employees who believe in your business and are anxious to make a difference in your line of work.
-> Focus on performance outcomes. You should focus on business results as employees are more likely to be engaged when they are accountable. When people can see the outcome of their performance on the business, they would be more engaged.
-> Find out what engages your employees. You should look inwards at your company and figure out what’s working in terms of engagement. Then you can replicate it by helping your other employees copy best practices from the most engaged individuals and teams.

Your company should be committed to making performance development plans. You should communicate with your employees on how they can develop professionally. You should provide career development plans and develop ways for your staff to grow.

Your employees would be more engaged if management is committed to their future.
You can’t mandate passion for work. You can only encourage it. Communicate to your staff the need to stay in tune with the company’s goals and objectives. Encourage employees to share stories and exchange ideas.
Overall, the best way to create enthusiasm in the workplace is to make it a great place to work at. Competitive compensation and benefits, employee development and talent management best practices would help make your company competitive in the search for talent. You would be able to get more engaged employees and this would translate to greater profits for your business.

With great vision, you need great people

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