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How To Cope With Stress In Your Life

- Dec 9, 2013

Stress is the most common cause of apathy in the workplace. The productivity of workers go down when they feel stressed. Even when people recognize they are stresses, they do not do anything worthwhile to remove the stress.

You may not be able to remove stress from your life but the following stress reduction tips would assist you in managing or dealing with stress.


A lot of people worry about things they can’t control or change. Obsessing over matters outside your control would only lead to stress. Tackle the issues you can influence. Don’t worry too much. Do what you can to improve your situation and leave the rest. Things usually take care of themselves.


We all have activities that we find enjoyable. It is easier to cope with stress when you include such activities in your day to day routine. Do you have hobbies that you no longer partake in due to “busyness”? If so, resume them. Adding the things you like to your life can help your life have greater meaning than the hustle and bustle of work.


There are a lot of unnecessary activities going on in our life. We have projects we want to work on. However, if you examine your to-do list closely, you will realize you don’t have to do everything on it.

Don’t add stress to your life by attempting to do everything at once. A popular life skill is prioritization. Learn how to prioritize and partake only in activities of high priority.


Food. Exercise. Sleep. These three things are essential to your well being. Are you eating well? How often do you exercise? Do you get enough sleep? You can’t eat your cake and have it. It is impossible to have poor eating habits, irregular or no exercise schedule and inadequate sleep while expecting to have a stress free life.

Regular exercise would help you feel rejuvenated and you would be able to reduce the stress in life. Even if your work demands long hours, you should be able to get long hours of sleep once in a while.


If you are not used to meditation, you may not be aware of its stress reduction benefits. Learn one or two meditation techniques. Meditation helps you focus. Schedule a five to ten minute session per day and you would soon see the benefits. Regular meditation would help you reduce your stress level.

If you follow the above tips, you would not only remove stress from your life, you would improve your physical and mental health.

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