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How to continuously grow in your career

Derek Cirino - Jan 13, 2020

Every employee in any organization wants to achieve professional growth but few only end up achieving it. The following tips can help you to achieve your dream of continuous growth in your career:

Keep Adding to Your Skills

Workplace requirements are evolving with time. You should also keep your skills updated to remain relevant in the changing workplace. you can undergo training or academic courses on new emerging areas like artificial intelligence, data analytics, internet of things (IoT), etc. which are going to be prominent themes in the near future. This will help you grow in your career.

Build a Robust Professional Network

You should build a robust professional network for building your career. They can also provide you useful leads which can lead to career advancement and progression. They can also validate your work and recommend you in their professional circles which can help you enrich your network and explore new avenues. If you have not started using professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, then you should start doing so. It can help you further your career and achieve professional growth.

Seek a Coach or Mentor

You can seek a coach or mentor who can be working within the organization or can be an external person. These mentors can help assess your professional capabilities and counsel you to take the next leap in your career. You can identify mentors near you who know you and are willing to help in this regard. Ideally, it is best to seek mentors who are in a position that you aspire to be in your professional life. When you seek a mentor, you must be open to constructive feedback and use it to build on your career. The more open-minded you are to their inputs and feedback, the greater the chances of achieving your goal of career growth.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Most staff tend to stay within their comfort zone. While this no-risk strategy can provide them some solace, it will not help them grow in their career. In order to achieve career growth, you must be open to step outside your comfort zone. You should explore more challenging roles and opportunities which make you stretch your horizons of knowledge. This will help you to develop new skills and prepare yourself for taking more challenging professional opportunities head-on. You can also take training and coaching for helping you to prepare better for these challenging professional assignments.

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