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How To Choose A Staffing Agency For Your Business

- Jul 17, 2013

Have you been thinking of outsourcing your recruitment and staffing? Do you have temporary vacancies to fill? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you may consider using a staffing agency.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 19% of all new jobs in the United States are temporary. Employers now resort to the use of staffing agencies to meet their personnel needs.

The question then is, how do you determine which staffing agency to use? Obviously, we would like you to choose ACE Employment Services but it is important for you to understand how to choose a good recruitment agency.

Consider the following points in making your selection:


Before choosing a staffing agency, you have to know how many people you would like to employ, on what basis you would like to employ such people (temporary or permanent) and what skills they would need to bring to the table.

If you have the above information in place, then you can know exactly what sort of agency to trust with your recruitment process. By determining your staffing needs ahead of contact with recruitment agencies, you would be able to make a better selection.


There are different types of recruitment agencies. Some specialize only in an industry (legal financial), some in special types of jobs (hazardous, temporary, executive) while others are generalists. Why is it important for you to know the types of recruitment agencies? You don’t want to pick a recruitment agency that has no experience in your industry or the type of candidate you want.


This follows from the above. It is important to do your due diligence before you pick a staff agency. Contact previous and current clients. Ask the agency questions so you can be sure their goals align with yours. Ask them how they plan to bring you great candidates.


While it may be best to sometimes disregard price in order to get quality staffing, there are times when you need to shop around for prices. If you are working on a budget, this becomes very important. Pick two or three staffing agencies and do a price/quality analysis.

We hope you take the above points into consideration when deciding how to choose a staffing agency for your business.


Remember, for quick turnaround and quality candidates, ACE Employment Services is always there for you.

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