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How Continued Learning Will Help Your Bottom Line

Derek Cirino - Jan 15, 2020

As a business owner or manager, you’re constantly thinking about how to improve your business in order to make it more successful. As someone who has helped build the business from the ground up, there’s no better measurement of success than seeing your bottom line improve. The continued learning of your team is a great way to help propel your business toward greater success and profitability.

How continued learning will help your bottom line:
       1 It will increase the collective knowledge of the team
Professional development is important to any business in that it helps fill in the gaps for some employees and boosts knowledge for the team as a whole. In professional development or higher education programs, employees that were undertrained or came in with a bit fewer skills than the majority of the team have the opportunity to learn new skills that will help them on the team. Additionally, team members who already excel can fine-tune their skills as well as learn new ones to further the development and success of the team.

Wesley Ward; a marketing expert for an online kitchen and bath supplier claims:
“It is important to continuously keep learning and stay up to date with what is currently happening            around us. The more knowledge we have, the better our productivity will be as a team. With all the          new technology that is emerging, we must keep up to stay relevant otherwise those without the                knowledge could be left behind.”

Increasing the collective knowledge of the team will help the team to work together more efficiently and collaboratively. By each member having learned the same development tools, they can easily communicate about tricks and tools they’ve learned without having to stop to teach each other something the other doesn’t know. This will save time at work and ultimately your hard-earned dollars.

2 It will increase employee retention
Showing your employees that you care enough to provide an opportunity for them to develop not only within your company but in general as a professional will make them value you more as an employer. Employees are more willing to stay with an employer, and even be excited about their job, if their employer treats them well and values them. Because employee turnover can cost from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary, it’s important for your bottom line to retain as many employees as possible.

3 It will make your company more desirable to clients
Providing professional development workshops, paying for your employees to go to industry-wide conferences, or helping pay for a portion of your employees’ higher education degree shows that you take pride in who works for you. To clients, this is very attractive. It shows clients that you want top talent working for you. Gaining clients as a result of providing continued learning to your employees will directly help your bottom line.

4 It will make you more attractive to job seekers
Investing in your employees is incredibly attractive to job seekers. Putting time and money toward bettering your people not only helps them develop into more successful professionals but also attracts top talent to want to work for you. In order to convince top professionals to want to work for you, you must offer more than just a decent salary. Nowadays, top job seekers are more interested in finding a place that will help them invest in their career, rather than just a place to punch a clock.
Employers must realize that in order to attract top talent, they must offer benefits that will make them stand out. Providing support and opportunities for employees to grow in their role and as a professional will lead top talent to you. Having talented and motivated employees, in turn, will help boost your profits and help drive your company to further success.

Consider offering continuous learning opportunities to your employees-
As a leader, providing innovative ways for your team to better themselves in a part of your job. A great way to invest in your employees, who work hard every day to help your business succeed, is to provide professional development opportunities to them. Use this list as a reference to be reminded of how continued learning will help your bottom line.


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Samantha Rupp holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a contributing editor for 365BusinessTips.com. She lives in San Diego, California and enjoys spending time on the beach, reading up on current industry trends, and traveling.

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