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Hiring Trends for 2017

- Nov 21, 2016

Hiring forecasts for the year 2017 are very interesting and promising. A lot of companies are aiming to increase the number of employees in their firm. They believe that a better team of employees can differentiate them in the industry. According to experts, 2016 has better recruitment trends than last year. Companies are focusing on factors that can repair/improve candidate experience, branding and leverage the use of hidden talent. However, the competition between skilled and quality candidates is very high. Though companies have many promising opportunities – you are expected to work hard and focus on effective interview strategies.

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#1 Branding at its Best

For Candidates

Indeed, quality resumes and talented candidates are going to be in the driver’s seat. If you are a job seeker, you should brush up your skills. Don’t think twice to apply for companies that don’t have a stable virtual presence. These companies are here to stay and they depend on your skills.

For Companies

With the advent of employer based websites and the social media, companies are forced to improve, develop and establish a strong brand. Companies should give reasons why a candidate should apply and work there. Candidates have the freedom to know more about the firm’s culture, job, corporate values and growth opportunities.

#2 Talent Analytics

For Candidates

The need for efficient talent analytics has increased remarkably in the past few years. Recruitment processes have become very prevalent this year. More and more candidates are curating and analyzing data as much as possible. They believe that everyday data can increase their chances of being hired. After all, companies are looking for employees who can go an extra mile and contribute to their growth.

For Companies

Companies are expected to measure their talent metrics and hiring schemes. They should use talent analytics and find candidates with the right profile. With the right kind of skills, experiences and talent drivers, companies will be able to see high ROIs.

#3 Improved scope

For Candidates

Qualified candidates should be creative about how they get hired. Try to engage in more training programs, internships and competitions. Experts predict that candidates who follow creative hiring methods are likely to find lucrative opportunities.

For Companies

Meanwhile, companies should broaden their talent hunt scope. They should source candidates through different methods. This can help them attract more talent into the company and improve productivity.

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