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Government Jobs: The Secret! Only $99.95! (Not really, it’s free!)

- Jun 17, 2013

Back before the Internet you would see those ads all the time, “Complete list of government jobs. Pay just $99.95 and we will send you a complete list every month for a year.”

There are thousands of government jobs available. They are all over the country. The pay is great and the benefits are excellent.

So how do I find a great government job?

You could trawl the Internet or your local government pages constantly looking for jobs.

Otherwise, check out http://usa.gov.

The website is divided into the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. It also lists jobs for state, local and tribal governments.

The beauty is that the jobs are listed all in one place.

Getting a government job can be a difficult prospect. The real issue is that hiring by the government is not subject to interpretation by the person doing the hiring. If it says that you need a certain degree or skills, you must have them.

In the private sector, an employer can decide if they want to hire you for other reasons that might help to cover for a lack of experience or training, but for government jobs, there is not a lot leeway.

The website also lists lots of other information, like how to start a business, tools for getting ready for a job hunt and Veterans’ employment information.

USA.gov is great website to stop off at if you are looking for government work. There are thousands of positions at every level and in every branch of government.

Take a look. If you’re not sure what to do once you’re there, give us a call. We’ll help you out.

By| Bob Peryea

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