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Four Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence

- Sep 5, 2013

Do you fear important meetings? Do you have challenges expressing your views in front of strangers or superiors? Do you fear the process of making a sale or attending to a customer? If so, you might have confidence issues and under confidence can cost you a lot in your career or in your business.

Although we do not think a single article can magically raise your confidence level, we believe that if you apply the following advice in your day to day life, you would start seeing results.


Most people who are not confident are often afraid of something most likely social embarrassment. You may be afraid that you would not make sense if you give your views in the company staff meeting. You may be afraid of rejection if you pitch your service to that high profile client.

Nine times out of ten, these fears are baseless.

You have nothing to lose by talking to people. Ignore those fears. Tell yourself, there is nothing for me to lose by speaking up, by discussing my views and by acting assertively. The more you ignore your fears, the more confidence you become and this initial confidence leads down a positive slippery slope that would make you more confident than you can ever be.


Many people shy away from motivational seminars and avoid motivational books because they feel some of them provide snake oil type information. However, if you want to build self confidence, you have to take in positive information, be it motivational or otherwise. You are, after all, what you eat. So listen to motivational lectures. read books which make you feel good and confident.

By reading motivational literature, you would be one step ahead of building your self esteem and confidence.


Most people who lack self confidence feel as if they have not achieved much. If you are in this situation, what do you do? The quickest way of becoming self confident is to embark on a journey of self improvement. Do things that make you feel better. Improve every aspect of your life to the best of your ability. Do healthier activities. Exercise. Learn new skills. Get knowledge.

When you feel more accomplished, your confidence would improve.


  Too often, we hear or read about ways to improve our lives and we either ignore it or we procrastinate about applying such information. If your lack of self confidence is stifling your chances of success in your career or creating obstacles for your business, why not start taking action today? Tell yourself that starting from today, you would no longer be afraid of social situations, you would apply tips you read in motivational literature and you would start being confident. Positive change starts from simple affirmations.

So start taking action today.

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