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Four Tips To Win Over Your New Boss

- Oct 4, 2013

Getting a new boss can be a jarring experience. You have to adapt to a new working style, prove yourself again and run the risk of not fitting within the new manager’s system.  How do you deal with the anxiety and uncertainty that abounds when someone new takes over? You do this by establishing yourself as someone your new boss can turn to. The following tips would help you in winning over your new boss.


When you get a new boss, you have the feeling that things should be as they were. However, this is a new boss and in most cases, you would have to start over and build a new relationship. You should gradually ease into the relationship.  You should understand that the manager is also trying to build a new relationship so don’t think you would both be able to hit the ground running. Don’t overwhelm your new manager. You should only discuss or cover a few vital issues.  Gradually, you can start discussing other more complex projects and issues.


Each boss would come with a new style. As a subordinate, you should adapt. Observe the manager’s working style. When you have conversations, doer your new boss get irritated with long discussions.  Then you should be brief with all your future discussion.  Some managers prefer written communication. Others prefer to receive soft data rather than hard data. You should spend the initial weeks of working with your new boss to understanding her working style and adapting accordingly.


Depending on your relationship with your former boss, you might be tempted to meet the new boss with a negative mindset. Don’t do that.  Regardless of the circumstances, you should have a positive mindset so you can win over your new boss and keep working hard enough to get credibility with your new manager.


You should endeavor to provide opinions to your new manager. You should provide help for key aspects of your new boss’s agenda. Use honesty to build trust with your manager.

What other tips have helped you in winning over and working with a new boss?  Let us know in the comments.

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