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Four Functions of a Human Resource Team

- Jan 27, 2014

Whether or not you have a dedicated human resources team, you would still have to cope with challenges in managing employees. As your business grows, you would need to assess your talent needs and hire right. So even though you may not have a human capital team, here are four issues you should concern yourself with.



You must know exactly who you need to hire to meet your business’s strategic and tactical goals. Sometimes, you may need to hire to improve your business performance. Other times, it is best to work with your current employees and put them in the best environment so you can get top performance from them.

So it is necessary to assess your talent needs. Do you need to hire? If so, just how many people should you hire? And what type of people?


Hiring is not the only way to meet talent needs. In fact, in a cost conscious environment, hiring should be a last resort.

You can develop your existing employees and use them to fill vacancies that arise. You can also outsource by engaging in temporary staffing.

Given the choices that hiring managers face, it may be difficult to decide how to meet talent needs. Costs should be a criterion in choosing.

Draw up a cost comparison of the choices open to you. Also, look at the other factors besides costs. Risk. Long term benefits. Employee harmony. When you take a holistic view of all factors, you would be able to decide whether to hire, promote internally or engage contractors.


Hiring is an important task in business. It has a direct effect on the present and future performance of your business. Hire right and you would soon see the beneficial effects on your business. Make a hiring mistake and it would show negatively on your income statement.

Hiring involves recruitment and selection. Both aspects can be daunting to small business owners. If you run a business without specialist human resources staff, you may find it difficult to select those who would be the best hire.

There is a solution. You can outsource the hiring function to an agency like Ace Employment Services. Ace brings you years of experience in selecting good candidates and helping you streamline your hiring process.


If you want to retain your best employees, you have to continue to give them opportunities to grow. If you foster a culture of talent development in your company, promote internally and encourage employee engagement, you would be able to generate long term benefits.

If you want a company that is as committed as you are to solving your staffing challenges, then contact Ace Employment Services, your special advantage in staffing solutions.

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