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Follow Up Tips After An Interview

Derek Cirino - Oct 20, 2017

You will miss the chance to get your dream job if you are not using correct follow-up tips. Yeah! Some easy steps and techniques can take you out of that troublesome unemployment line.

Your task doesn’t end by impressing interviewers in the panel rather the real job begins right after your interview. Here are few easy tips and strategies to ensure perfect job with simple follow up tips after the interview.

  1. A Quick Reminder:

Once your interview is over then it is your responsibility to start a follow up even within 24 hours. Many people keep on waiting for two or three days to receive some response from the company but the right way is to show your curiosity about the job and send them an email that you really enjoyed the interview session.

  1. Follow the Powerful 3 Paragraph Rule:

The email follow-up is desired to be short but impressive. Professionals recommend using a sweet and personal tone with almost three paragraphs that contain 2-3 sentences in each. In the very first paragraph, you need to add a word of thanks for their precious time and also show your interest for the job. In the second paragraph, you need to mention your strengths that will be helpful for the company and in the last paragraph you can highlight few clarifications that you need.

  1. An attractive Thank You paper:

If you are planning to send a handwritten note to the panel then it is good to give it a charming touch with a sense of gratitude and sweet gesture. Make some efforts to write in good handwriting and always prefer to take a high-quality paper. Show your respect for their time and express your attention towards the job.

  1. Cross check their names:

It is really important to verify that you have written right spellings for their names, subject and for company address. This mistake can highlight your carelessness. Prefer to use some spell checking and grammar verification tools online to make best out of it. Make sure that you have avoided all these mistakes:

  • Spelling errors.
  • Grammatical errors.
  • Negativity
  • Repetition
  • Informal language
  • Exclamation Points.
  1. Never ever initiate a call:

Most of the time, interview panel will let you know right after the interview that after how much time they will contact you about the final decision. And in case if they have not mentioned anything like that then you can ask it via your first follow-up email. Do not call them before their mentioned time otherwise, you will annoy them but yes you can call once when that mentioned duration is passed.

The fact is that finding a job is easy but finding a dream job demands efforts. So when you have appeared in an interview that leads to your dreams then it is not good to take a chance to lose it with few mistakes. Be prepared for the best. Good Luck!

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