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Five Tips For Hiring Your Next Great Candidate

- Jul 31, 2013

Would you like to know a surefire way of increasing your profits today?

It is simple: pick great candidates to run your business.

Every organization lives and dies by the type of employees they hire. Your employees are the key to the success of your business. They make your products/deliver your services and they interact with your customers. For this reason, every company must seek the best possible candidates they can recruit.

So how do you do this?

As a staffing agency, we usually help our clients get good candidates so it is natural that our first recommendation would be:


Organizations are best run when they focus on their core functions. To get the right candidates, it is often necessary to partner with an outside firm with a history of delivering great value for their clients. The outside agency is often capable of being more objective in the selection process. As a result, you are more likely to recruit great candidates.

If you choose to do the entire recruitment and selection process in house, you would do well to take the following four points into consideration:


What type of candidate do you want for this job? What do you want the prospective employee to do? A large number of employers do not do adequate job description and this makes them likely to hire sub par candidates for jobs. If you adequately define what you are looking for, then you would be able to recruit better candidates.


This is very important even when you are sifting through a large number of applications. You should always pay close attention to the resumes. In addition, you should have prepared a checklist that would enable you know which candidates to call in for an interview. Review the applications with the checklist in mind and you would be able to hire a candidate that would help lift your business.


Interviews are a normal part of the recruitment process. However, some employers have a laissez faire attitude to the interview process. Don’t do that. Use the interview to get valuable information about the candidate’s skills and attitudes. Test the candidate using the day to day activities you expect the candidate to perform if s/he is eventually employed.

Also, you can seek external help in your interviewing process.


Do not ever skip this step regardless of the temptation to just hire the candidate. This is one advantage of using a staffing agency. You would be able to leave such issues to them. Confirm that the credentials and experience hold up. Also, follow up on the references.

We hope this tips would help you when next you are looking for an employee. Let us know in the comments if you have any extra tips employers should consider when seeking out great candidates.

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