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Five Post Internship Tips

- Dec 2, 2013

You have just completed an internship. Time to sit back and wait for what happens? Instant job offers? Back to the boredom of school? There are so many feelings and hopes that students who have just completed an internship have. We all know how important internships are in getting valuable work experience and kick starting a career. Hence, it is important to know what to do after your internship ends.


Regardless of what your experience was at the place you interned, it is important to appreciate them for providing you some work experience. Thank them for their time. You should send them a note thanking them and letting them know of the important things you learnt while you were an intern.


Networking is something that is constantly harped on in today’s world. Your connections are often as important as, if not more important than, your qualifications when it comes to getting a job. For that reason, you should be in touch with your former team members and managers. Collect email addresses and phone numbers. Be courteous and professional when you contact people to keep in touch with them. From time to time, send emails to your former employers so you can remain in their thoughts.


You may have worked in an organization that is in a competitive industry where there are trade secrets. It might be exciting to have information that other people don’t have but do not let this excitement push you to sharing confidential information to other people. Most employers would ask you to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before the internship ends. Abide by the terms of the NDA to avoid legal troubles.


You should look back on your internship period and do a self appraisal on how to apply the experience to your future professional life. No matter the internship experience, there is always something to learn. your internship would enable you know your strengths and weaknesses. By reflecting on your internship, you would know what areas of your life to work on and what strengths to accentuate.


It is possible that you may want the company to re-hire you as an intern or give you an entry level position. You should speak with your previous manager concerning this. However, don’t go there expecting that you would get hired automatically. Be prepared to give reasons why you should be hired. Write a report on what you have done during your internship and on how you would be able to contribute to the further development of the organization.

Your internship is a gateway to entering into a job. It would be a disappointment to work hard throughout the interview and make mistakes at the end of the interview. By following the above tips, you can get the best results out of your internship experience.

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