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Five Negative Behaviors To Avoid At Work

- Oct 21, 2013

In the workplace, it is impossible to succeed without interacting with others. We spend our days at work, empowering, engaging and motivating our co-workers. To be successful at that, it is important to not only develop good behavior but also to avoid negative habits.

Here are the behaviors you need to stop today:


Some people do not keep their tone and personality constant. If you are like this, your co-workers would be confused and not know what to expect. This could cause social problems for you in the workplace. Try to maintain a consistent and amiable personality to endear you to your co-workers.

You might be guilty of this bad behavior if you are in a position of authority in the work place. Don’t be a guilt tripper who tries to make others feel bad for making their own choices. If you induce guilt in your co-workers, they won’t be happy with you and these can contribute to poor work ethic, particularly in a team environment.

Manipulation is another bad behavior that you should avoid. Some people use intelligence, wit, charm and other skills to get people to conform to their wills. This underhanded behavior would make people resent you.


Don’t be the know-it-all who cuts people off or talks too much at meetings. Do a lot more listening than talking. Express interest in the views of others and allow others to finish their thoughts. Do this and you would be seen as a trustworthy person in your workplace.


Sometimes there may be down time at your workplace. Rather than using the opportunity to share salacious and negative information, use  it to engage in tasks that develop you. Gossip is hurtful and should be avoided, particularly in a work environment.


You might not notice it but it happens a lot. You could be scowling, making quizzical looks and lifting eyebrows without knowing. These subtle and seemingly harmless gestures could destroy social relationships in the workplace.

Don’t snob people. Watch your body language and make sure it is giving out positive information. The workplace nowadays is a team environment that needs everyone to work together and you should not allow something as trivial as body language destroy morale in the workplace.

These negative behaviors create social problems in companies all over the world and should be avoided in order to build successful work teams.

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