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Employment Trends To Watch Out For

- Jan 9, 2014

People just coming into the job market today are faced with challenges in securing decent jobs. Given such a dire situation, we might be wondering what the future holds and if things would get better or worse.


As long as the economy is facing problems, there would also be problems with securing gainful employment. This would however not continue into the future. There would be a lot more jobs created in the future as the economy improves.

So in what industries would the jobs of the future be in? Economic activity determines employment. By watching economic trends, we can know what jobs would be created in future. These are the trends that are likely to emerge in the future and how they will affect job creation.


Given the problems with a globally integrated economy, most economies are now moving to a situation where domestic goods are more prevalent. As more goods are being manufactured in the US, expect an increase in the demand for graduates with STEM degrees. Most top retail chains are shifting their policies from importing to domestic sourcing. The countries that benefited from American outsourcing are no longer as competitive as before due to rising labor cuts globally. So there would be more engineers and technicians employed in the years coming.


The excesses of bankers in pre-credit crunch years have ensured that banking and finance would change. Banks have to be more nimble. They would thus change their compensation patterns and also hire less. On the other hand, customers would seek solid financial planning advice. As a result, there would be opportunities for accountants and financial planners who would be able to provide sound advice that works.


The economic crisis has depressed real estate markets. As a result, many Americans have been unable or unwilling to purchase homes. The housing and construction industry contributes a lot to the economy and with the population growth ( and also the increase in immigration)., it is expected that there would be an upturn in the housing and construction industry. In a few years, there would be employment opportunities in the housing and construction industry.


Shale Oil is a big economic story in 2013. In a few years, it would be great to be a petroleum engineer. As America drills more oil on its own territory, there would be an employment boom in the petroleum industry.


Overall, the outlook for the future is great. There would be employment opportunities in several different sectors.

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