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Employee Turnover is High – But WHY?

- May 10, 2016

Employees are the asset of any concern and when the employee turnover is very high the productivity of the organization will also suffer. It is necessary to find out the causes that are making your best employees leave your organization and fix them!

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Some reasons that your top performers leave:

Lack of Encouragement

Top performers are different from your average employees and they need motivation for staying with you long. They just do not work for money, as they know they have capability to earn wherever they go. They work for recognition and encouragement. If you do not have a way to applaud them they will feel demotivated. Being efficient they will have other opportunities and will shift there.

Lack of Vision in an Organization

A good employee wants to know about their future within the company. If you share your company vision and mission to them they know where they can land in coming years. However, when it is not clear to them they are unable to plan their future. They are not like the average employees who are happy with just getting a paycheck. They want to see beyond that and when your organization is not able to provide that they look for better opportunities. Not better in terms of monetized benefits but better in terms of growth prospects.

Rigid Organizational Structure

If the organizational structure is very rigid then every employee who has potential will feel odd. When employees are given opportunity to explore their ideas for achieving something they feel motivated to work. Without it, the motivations are vanished and they get demoralized. In a rigid organization structure the employee is unable to explore his ideas and look for other places where they can.

Poor compensation package

Nothing is more motivating than a good pay package. When the compensation package is not good enough your employee who knows their potential will not be satisfied. They will seek out every chance where they can look for better prospect and leave your concern. While interviewing, if you feel that an employee has excellent skills than that cannot be afforded by you, it’s better not to hire them. They will not stay for long and it will cost you more when starting the hiring cycle over again.

Focus on these key points and keep your top talent performing!

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