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Eight Things you can do while you’re Unemployed

- May 13, 2013

Don’t just sit there. Do something. There are lots of things that you can do while you are not working. This is a short list that can get your juices flowing.

1)      Start a blog – Blog about what you know. If you’re an auto mechanic, blog about that. If you are an engineer, there are people out there who could use your wisdom and expertise. A blog can set you up as the expert, the person who knows. And when employers look you up on line, they will get to see your smarts online.

2)      Take or teach a class – You know things. There are lots of things that you know. You can share those things with other people. If you just want to sit back, go to local community college or adult community school and take a class. A class on anything, computers, basket weaving, gardening, anything, will give you something to do with your time and something to look forward to.

3)      Volunteer – We live in the United States and we will volunteer. Here in Boston, we know that now more than any time in our recent past. Food banks, community groups, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, any group that gives to the community in positive is great. As one Bostonian to everyone who has volunteered here recently and has sent their love, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

4)      Track the industry – Track all of the online resources you can find in your industry. You have a lot time to look around and see what’s going on. Nothing will more impress a potential employer than that you know something that they don’t. There is a term called data-mining, that involves making connections using public information. Learn to do this while you are unemployed and you will probably own the company in a year because you will know things that no one else knows.

5)      Start a business – Speaking of running the business, why not start on of your own? There is room for everyone in the pool. With a good business plan and marketing plan, you can be up and running in a hurry. It’s slow going and it takes time, but it’s better than sitting on your duff waiting something. Make something happen.

6)      Network – Get out and meet new people. Don’t sit at home waiting for people to show up; they won’t. Get out into the world, particularly where your peers gather, and make new connections. Hiring new people is less about what they have on their resume than how they make you feel.

7)      Take a contract or temporary job – Lots of businesses in the US and around the world have moved toward temporary and contract employees to save money on benefits and hiring. Finding a temporary position can keep your resume fresh and keep you from getting stale.

8)      Follow up – Never let a single contact go without hearing from you frequently reaching out to them. Using social media and your telephone, try renewing some of your old classmates, old workmates and friends. Let them know that you are needing work and that you would appreciate if they would keep their ears open for opportunities.

The most important thing to do or, actually, not do is sit and wallow. We know it’s hard. Believe us, we’re an employment agency and every day someone comes to us with a look of despair, where their last effort is come through our door.

This is what we tell them every time:  People love to hire new employees with sunshine in their hair. Get out there and make things happen.

We believe in you and if you are anywhere new Boston, contact us right away and let us help you get back in the groove.

By| Bob Peryea

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