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Effective Job Search Tactics

- Oct 26, 2016


Finding a job or switching to a new job could prove to be a real tough task on your own. Getting a chance to get a dream job may continue to be a distant dream. Here are some effective ways that will ensure that your job search efforts fetched you interview call from some of the best companies

Use the power of social media

Today one of the strongest tools for getting a job is social media. Create your profile on reputed social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and VisualCV etc. By doing this, not only you are spreading your resume to a larger mass of recruiters, but you are strengthening your networking in the industry as well. Most recruiters use and rely on social media these days to screen candidates for the job vacancies; hence, your chances of getting shortlisted would increase manifolds.

Watch the words in your resume

Your resume is the reflection of your academic and professional career. You have to ensure that the resume and the cover letter are written in a very professional manner so that it draws attention of anyone who happens to get a glance of the same.

You will have to draft the resume by targeting the specific job profile and by doing so, the recruiters would understand that they are looking at the right candidature and would give you an interview call.

Make yourself searchable

When it comes to do an effective job search, it is wise that you leave no stone unturned and get yourself registered in as many job portals as possible. It is very important as many a times recruiting staff from companies also search for candidates through the various job portals, hence, if you are registered on all the popular (and even the not so popular ones) portals, your chances of being seen by a recruiter would be higher.

Make use of contacts

There is no better way than to use personal contacts to search for a job. While it would still be your endeavor to perform well in the interview, but when it comes to get that very important interview call from the company of your dreams, personal contacts can prove to be handy. Keeping in touch with seniors from college or ex colleagues and tapping them at regular intervals for information of a job vacancy is one of the tried and tested method of job searching that has helped thousands of people get their dream job over hundreds of years.

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