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Detect Mistakes and Falsifications on Resumes

- Dec 23, 2013

Given the poor state of the global economy, it is not surprising that people are desperate to get jobs. Nowadays, job seekers include lies or false information in their job applications. How do you deal with this situation?

It is important for you to do your due diligence on any candidate before hiring. Prospective employees may provide incorrect information while applying for jobs. Unscrupulous job seekers would lie about their degree grade and employment history. Others may even try to hide a criminal record.

You may not have the resources to hire a specialist due diligence or staffing firm. How then do you detect these mistakes or falsifications? You need to pay special attention to those areas where candidates are most likely to fudge or lie.

A sizable number of job seekers make false claims about their educational background. This is the part of the resume that you should pay special attention to. Grades and dates of attendance are sometimes incorrect while some candidates haven’t even studied at the particular college they claim to have attended. As an employer, you must find a way to confirm a candidate’s educational history as there is a tendency by job seekers nowadays to lie.

You should also pay special attention to professional qualifications. Don’t take a candidate’s word for it. Ask for proof that they are actually qualified or chartered. You don’t want to hire someone who would not be able to carry out a role successfully. So make sure you check the validity of the candidate’s claims.

Fraudulent and false claims are not limited to the area of educational and professional qualifications. Job seekers provide false ID documents to their employers. Providing a false ID is a marker of someone who may later harm your company. So it is unimportant that you actually confirm the employee’s identity.

When you hire staff, you hope that the increase in human capital would translate to an improvement in business performance and profits. For this reason, many employers choose to employ candidates who have experience in the industry. However, people are not above lying about their employment history, titles and responsibilities.

You have to confirm if what the candidate is saying is true. If you see gaps in the employment history, ask the candidate what s/he was doing during that rime.

To get the highest benefits from new staff, you have to employ staff that is honest and hardworking. By watching out for areas where prospective employees may lie or fabricate information, you’ll improve your chances of employing top candidates.

However, it is often best to outsource this aspect to specialist firms. A good staffing agency like Ace Employment Services would help you hire top quality staff that your business deserves.

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