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Delegation Of Work Improves Productivity – Hire A Temp!

- Jun 13, 2016

Delegation is a process where the work and power in any organization is distributed so that the goal is achieved fast and in an orderly manner. Mainly, during delegating the job the employees to whom delegation is done is explained about the work and the expected outcome from the task assigned. Then the whole process is left to the person, how they complete the process get the assigned work done.

In any organization, delegation is an important skill that is used by mangers to distribute their work load and make sure that the work is completed within due time.  delegation_101

Delegation of work improves:

Quality Work

When someone takes excessive work load they may make mistakes. Moreover, with a number of responsibilities it is not uncommon that one might miss one. Thus, when the work is distributed among able sub ordinates the manager knows that the quality of the work will be good and completed within time.

Enhanced Productivity

After a manager delegates his responsibility he has enough time to focus on issues that needs his expertise. Moreover, when a subordinate gets opportunity to show their skills they too work hard to prove their quality. After delegation of work the performance of both the manager and the sub ordinate increases and productivity is enhanced. It helps them achieve organizational goals faster.

Skills Development

When a manager delegates the work they develop other skills that they do not face normally. When they delegate the work and supervise their sub ordinates they develop skills such as decision making, communication skills, organizing things and planning the whole process. Similarly, as subordinates get the opportunity to handle a project all by themselves they too develop skills that motivate them to work better for the organization.

Increased Profits

When a manager delegates some of his responsibilities successfully he has time to work on things that needs his attention. This ensures that the manager has enough time to work for development of the organization. He gets opportunity to analyze the market or find out those areas in the organization that will help to increase the productivity of the organization.

Organizational Stability

Delegation also helps in increasing the stability of the organization. No one is indispensible and when a manager delegates his work he plans for the future. He prepares his subordinates to take responsibility and if by any chance he leaves the organization, the work flow of the concern will continue without any interruption.

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