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Corporate Recruiting Trends

- Mar 23, 2015

The corporate world tends to be more and more competitive nowadays, so having the best employees is indeed a necessity. In the past few years multiple trends have started to arise when it comes to corporate recruiting, and now we can talk about a variety of methods that companies are using in order to gather their talent.how-to-get-shortlisted

Corporate talent networks

Thanks to the wide range of sites that provide exposure for the company, all corporate businesses are trying to promote their employment endeavors in the online world without a problem. The nice thing here is that all these are creating a talent network that not only allow the company to promote the recruitment efforts, but at the same time it also allows the brand to create a community including potential employees, customers, fans and so on/

Social sourcing

Let’s face it, sourcing candidates is a necessity and a very important thing to do because it allows the corporate world to access candidates via social media. This brings a much larger exposure and just better results overall.

Recruiters acting as sources

The role of a recruiter has evolved in the past few years. A recruiter now is a sourcer, a person that finds the candidates rather than promoting the need and waiting for a response. All of these combined offer a very interesting and unique perspective to say the least!

Using modern applicant software

Usually people would go and provide their own resume to the corporate office, but now they can apply online. Because of that, any company has to use a professional application tracking tool that can manage all the applications safely and with professional results. In the end, it’s all about making sure that all applications are managed in an efficient manner, and thankfully there are numerous tools that can be used for this, with many applicant tracking systems available.

Focus on the experience of the candidate

In order for a person to come to the corporate world, you need to offer them the best possible work conditions that can be imagines. This happens because corporate companies want to attract the highest quality candidates, and thus they all strive to offer the best work condition at all times.  As you would expect, if an employee doesn’t have a good experience there, then world will come out, and this is what corporate companies try to avoid.

Using staffing firms

One of the staffing trends in the corporate world is to work with the staffing firms and using high value outsourcers as these are the best possible methods that can be used to perform customer acquisition fast and with complete efficiency.

As you can see, the corporate world has manage to build up quite a nice set of trends that are used in order to successfully recruit the people they need. The best part about it is surely that thanks to these trends, more and more employees have the opportunity to obtain better results, something that you will like for sure.

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