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Consultancy Firms Make Recruitment Hassle Free

- Oct 20, 2014

There are many skilled and highly qualified people who are jobless and searching for job and one might feel that its easy to be a recruiter since so many candidates are available to fill the vacancies, well its not that easy because to find employees and staffs with the right skills and talents that fit the right job is very difficult to find, it takes a long time to put the right person in the right job.



Staffing and hiring involves a lot of activities, both are little different from each other, hiring is mainly screening the best resumes out of the lot and finalizing to select the best candidate to offer the job, whereas staffing involves a lot of steps before hiring the candidate. A job description is made to describe the job, the roles are set and responsibilities are made for particular skills after all these are done the screening of candidates are done.

Job descriptions are sent to all the candidates whose qualifications closely matches the job role, interviews are held where multiple candidates sit for a common interview this type of interviews help in selecting the better candidates out of the rest as comparing the candidates are easier in this process, the employer shortlists a few better candidates and personal interviews are held, and background screening is done to check the backgrounds of the candidates.

After all the above is done the employer analyses the best candidates and sends the job offer letters and this way hiring is done by the employers. Since it’s a tedious job most of the big organizations hire recruiting firms for screening the best resumes that fit the work description.  These consultancy firms charge fees for such services and on behalf of the organizations they work on the initial stages of the recruitment process.

The small organizations who cannot afford to take the help of the consultancy firms often chooses to use social media to search job profiles, it’s a bit lengthy process since the employer needs to have good network in social media profiles and he should attract only those group of people who are particularly skilled in the job which the employer has to offer, sometimes its difficult to get good profiles through social media as experienced people chooses to work with companies who have a good brand image, and recruiting firms have the abilities to influence such candidates by advertising on behalf of the companies.

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