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Construction In Boston Is Booming, Employment On The Rise

- Aug 28, 2013

It seems almost surreal to say, but the Boston-Cambridge region has seen a 5% increase in construction employment over last year.

The Downtown Boston area is the biggest leader in the state. In fact, there was some small contraction of jobs in other parts of the state, but Boston was able to compensate to bring the state’s total up as well.

What does this mean to the non-construction person?

Every job has its support structure. New jobs in construction means new jobs in places like hardware stores and lumber yards, insurance companies and auto dealerships, cafes and architectural firms.

First, look at our blog from April 1: Housing is improving, jobs improving: But I’m not a contractor! There is a lot of great information there (at least, we think so).

The next thing to do is to take the time to think outside the box. What kinds of services might a construction company use that might be an opportunity for you? For example, big construction uses big equipment. They probably rent some of it. Perhaps you’re a sales person. You could look for firms like that and apply to help them sell long-term rentals of their equipment.

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone constantly. If you aren’t sure if there is a space for you, there is no harm in walking up to a construction site or a firm and say, “I have a lot of office experience and I’m looking for work. Do you have anything that I might be able to assist your company with?” “No” is not a personal sleight; it’s just a fact. And “Yes”, can be a lot of money for you.

Look at connections that your family might have, or old jobs, people from school, people you met on New Year’s Eve last year (as long as you kept your clothes on!). Everybody knows far more people than they think they do. Call some of those folks and see if they might be able to point you in a direction. Don’t ask for them to endorse you; if they don’t know you well, that can get uncomfortable. Instead ask, “Can I tell them that you said they might have a position open?” It’s not an endorsement, but their name might get the door opened for you.

Another thing to note: No matter what you did, find some kind of work! People that have been unemployed for a while scare the dickens out of employers. “Why have they been unemployed for so long? What did all the others places they applied know that I don’t?” Work anywhere, even if it’s just for a few hours a week. It shows that you are still employable.

And finally, call us, as Ace Employment. Let us help you get back to work right away.

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