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Career lessons to excel in your 50’s

- Sep 9, 2016


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John Parker was in his early 50s when he suddenly found himself struggling in his job and finally was left without a job!

Like him, many people in their 50s often find it challenging to cope up with their current job requirements and end up sitting without a job. So, what is in there that working people in this age group often miss to recognize? What are the ways that can keep their career moving on the right track?

It’ the CHANGE that needs to be recognized!
While younger job seekers and employees may be quick enough to make a change, people over the age of 50 feel that there are no actual ways possible to excel in their careers and keep their position safe in today’s competitive scenario. It’s a fact that job avenues become limited to certain age groups, particularly demanding job roles where physical strength is required (for example; construction and sales jobs), but as far as maintaining the pace at your current job role is required, remember, it’s never too late to revive your career.

So, a few things that can help you to excel in your career in the 50s along with ensuring that it is moving in the right direction, here are some useful tips:

Lesson 1: Keep pace with the new technology
Keeping you upgraded with the new things really matters to excel in your job. Hence, while the younger generation is busy with demonstrating their knowledge about the latest technology, why should you stay behind! Don’t let the tag of older workers being unable to understand and use the technology cling with you. Don’t hesitate to learn basic things like Excel, PowerPoint, the web, mobile technology and e-mails.
Never say NO to learning new things and even think about taking classes, if required. Gaining practical skills helps you gain confidence and a whole new outlook to your career.

Lesson 2: Find ways to reach out and connect with others
Staying connected with people is vital to have an active social life and get to know what is happening around. Networking is one of the best ways to boost your career by interacting with various people who can share their experiences and even let you know about better career opportunities. It can also help you to know and discuss about latest advancements going on in your field.

In your 50s, getting around may be difficult, but it’s not impossible to build a network online. One of the easiest ways to do so is by connecting with people on social networking website like LinkedIn. All you need to do is invest a little bit of your time to build your profile and connect with people. This is also a great way for you to show your colleagues and employer that you are way up to speed on the internet.

Lesson 3: Understanding the generation gap
Bridging the generation gap when working with a team of both, young and middle aged employees is imperative to love your job (of course, to excel in your career, loving your job is important!). It’s important to stay current with what the new age of employees think and work. Remember, a happy workplace supports your career. So, it really helps to work in collaboration with colleagues of even half of your age. In fact, take this as an opportunity to learn new things from younger people, such as about new technology, computers and out-of-the-box ideas.

Lesson 4: Stay Healthy
The old aphorism still stands true, “Health is Wealth”. Staying healthy at any age makes you feel better and prepare you to meet any challenge in life. With a few grey hair and major life changes (like physical changes, arriving closer to retirement or children leaving home), taking care of your health becomes a winning mantra in life.

Some simple tips to choose a healthier lifestyle include exercising regularly (taking brisk walk), proper sleep, healthy diet.

Whether it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle or learning new things, these tips create a vicious circle to help you excel in your career and life! Being in your 50s is never too late or impossible to invest in your career.

Stay positive and happy. Keep Going!

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