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Building Team Spirit In Your Business

- Jun 23, 2014

Regardless of the size of the business that you are running, it is essential that the people work as a team. Not just in teams but as a team. Team work helps to increase employee engagement and in turn, improve employee performance which will then translate to higher business performance.


By building a culture of team work, you can eliminate the negativity and demotivation that characterizes many work places today. You will be able to influence your employees to be an entrepreneurial and participatory.

So how can you foster team spirit in your organization?


In creating an environment conducive to team work, you must start by recruiting employees who would be able to work well in a team. Skills and competencies alone are not the sole factors to consider when hiring. You should look for people who are motivated to succeed, enthusiastic about people and passionate about self-development.

By recruiting the right people, you can simplify the task of building team spirit.


Many small business owners are fond of micro-managing their employees. This is counterproductive. You should trust your employees enough to allow them make decisions. Showing such trust in them would go a long way on your quest to build team spirit.


When you need to recruit new people, your current employees can be a great source of referrals. You should use them. This would show that you value their opinion.


One other way of encouraging participation in teams is to create events where co-workers can interact on an informal basis. You could also tie this event to some form of community service. Encourage your employees to give to the community. Your teams can take a day off to do social service work.


It is not enough to build team spirit. It must culminate in increased employee performance. One way of doing that is to challenge your employees. Give them tasks that would require them to be creative. This would allow them to improve their performance and get better at solving business problems.

With great vision, you need great people

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