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Back To The Basics: How To Prepare For An Interview

- Apr 4, 2014

How many jobs can you get without needing to interview? It is very rare to get employed without undergoing some form of interviewing.


Since interviews are the most popular selection method used by employers, job seekers must learn how to pass interviews.

The key to passing interviews is PREPARATION.

In today’s competitive job market, those who get the jobs are those who were most prepared at the time of the interview.

Simply put, to maximize your chances of passing an interview, you should prepare. By preparing, you would come across to the interviewer as confident, professional and organized.

How do you prepare for an interview?

First, you must research the company you are interviewing with. Use search engines and social media. There are many channels to get information about the company. By researching the company, you would learn about the work culture and the interview method. You would know how to tailor your answers to interview questions.

Extend your research to the position you are interviewing for and find out as much as possible about the position. The information gained would enable you come across as enthusiastic to the interviewer.

The next form of preparation you must do is to prepare answers to likely interview questions. You should not memorize answers, rather you should just go through likely interview questions and formulate answers based on your skills and experience. By doing this before the interviews, you would be able to give freely flowing answers to the interviewers question and appear as eloquent as possible.

There are certain general interview questions that most companies ask in order to know your personality, working methods and potential.

Prepare for the interview by reviewing those questions and thinking up answers to them.

Some examples of such questions are:

* Why should I hire you?

* What are your development areas?

* What has been your biggest accomplishment?

* Why do you want to work for us?

* What are your goals for the next five years?

Preparation is the key to success. If you make solid preparations before interviewing, you would impress your interviewer and be on your way to getting the job.

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