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All Jobs Are Temporary

- Jul 9, 2013

Temporary jobs in the US are one of the largest segments of job growth. In fact, it is tending to outpace almost every other form of employment.

Everyone says it: “I don’t want to be temporary. I want a real job.” Here’s a bit of a reality check: ALL JOBS ARE TEMPORARY!

There is no job security any longer. The days of being able to work for GM for 40 years then retire with a great pension are gone. So, embrace the new reality. Here are some guidelines to permanently succeeding in a temporary world:

1)      Save a few bucks: After you have been out of work for a while, the bills have piled up. Your instinct is to pay off all of your bills as soon as possible. This is good, but start by setting aside some money with your first check. If you get in good with a temp agency, they will always find more work for you. The money in your savings can help you to float the week or two between temp jobs.

2)      Record what you do: Keep track of everything you do so that later, when someone asks, you can say that you did X for Y Company.

3)      Don’t ask to be permanent; act permanent: Most temp agencies frown on their workers begging to be made permanent. Instead, act like you plan to stay and are worth keeping. Let the powers that be make the decision. They will know that you want to stay if you act like you are already doing it. (This does not mean redecorating your cubicle on the first day.)

4)      Take every day seriously: Just because this job doesn’t start out as forever doesn’t mean you should treat it as disposable. Start and work every day like this is the job you will have for life. The amount of goodwill you receive can make all the difference in the rest of your career.

5)      Keep track of the people you work with: If you build a solid relationship with the people at your temporary job, they can be resources to help you find more long-term work. Everyone you meet is a contact that can potentially help in the future.

6)      Be as loyal as you can to your agency: Agencies like to have “go to” people, people that they know will say yes as often as possible. These are the kind of people that agencies will keep at the front of the “Rolodex” and these are the people that stay employed for a long time, even if it’s not always at the same location.

Everybody in the country is a temporary employee now. Don’t let the idea that a temporary job is temporary keep you from exploring the opportunities that exist in this area.

In fact, think about the idea that you might get to do similar work in different offices. The constant change of scenery and companions can be a lot of fun.

By| Bob Peryea

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