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Agri-business: Land Of A Million Opportunities

- Oct 2, 2013

For people looking for work, there is a huge lack of employees in the agriculture industry. It is an industry that is growing fast due to innovation and the increasing demand for what they produce.

Currently, thousands of jobs are available. They are all over the country and in every aspect of production, from research and development to distribution. Every step of the way requires support staff and professionals to keep the system moving. Considering the number of people who still need jobs this is wonderful news.

When you think of agriculture you think of farmers, but these jobs are much more diverse.

In 2010, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture funded a study that was performed by Purdue University. They came to the conclusion that, between 2010 and 2015, approximately 54,400 jobs would be created with only 29,300 students graduating to fill those positions with traditional agriculture and life science-related degrees. Other students, it was hoped, would come to agriculture with other degrees.

Farming is much more than it used to be. Things like robotics, animal genetics and GPS systems are used every day. Agriculture needs scientists, accountants, attorneys, etc.  Some of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world are in agribusiness, like Monsanto, Nestle and RJR/Nabisco. These global giants needs salespeople, truck drivers and display specialists.

The trick to finding people for these jobs is finding people with the right education and experience. Retraining is needed in many cases. Looking for retraining to an agribusiness specialty may be as simple as contacting these employers and finding out what degrees and certifications they are typically looking for. Also, because of their size, many of them offer in-house training that can get motivated and experienced people up to speed in a hurry.

If you are interested in agribusiness, commodity organization, bio-renewable companies and related businesses, there are jobs out there for you; there are lots of jobs that will be around for a very long time.

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