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How to ACE a job interview

Derek Cirino - May 30, 2017

Interviewing is the hardest part of recruiting process and this is something which almost 70% of the candidates think! Fear of interview is actually directly inclined to fear of rejection and thus if you don’t overcome it then it can ruin everything which is completed so far! It’s brutal if you walk in with no advance knowledge of what you are going to be asked. 

As a staffing agency we can help you in attaining that much needed edge which can stand you out from all the nervous fellows out there. We understand that it is not the cakewalk and it is absolutely normal if you are among those who get hyper nervous by thinking of interviews! Each interview is different and there is simply no doubt about it but you have to learn the skills of facing the panel sitting opposite to you. This post is to prepare you mentally as to how you can crack even the most dreadful interview!

Basics- Making up your mind

Your first and foremost objective should be to make up your mind if you need this job or not! If you don’t, then take it casually and gather the experience for the next one. But if you do then make sure that you equip yourself with the necessary level of information. Also, it is okay to say that ‘I don’t know the answer of this’ or ‘I am not sure and I’ve to check and get back to you on this’ if you don’t answer that doesn’t mean that you won’t get the job. Not everybody knows everything, so you need not panic during interviews if you don’t have correct answers to something.

Growing Employer – Research muscles

Muscle building exercise is never a waste of time and thus you need to spend adequate time in researching out for your potential employer. You should know its involvement and share in industry along with any initiatives that it conducts which makes it distinct from other players in the market. We as staffing agency help you in gathering that information from the sources available outside the world of web. Prepare and then prepare a little more would be the advice from us as a staffing agency. Because more is less when it comes to interviews and you should not leave any stone unturned when it comes to knowing the organization you would be potentially working with. It would give you sense of attachment and you would feel more comfortable and of course confident in interviews.

You drive your interview

For any given vacancy, A LOT of candidates apply. Some get eliminated in the initial resume screening process and others make it to next round. A lot of times the managers/panelists who take your interview never come planned with questions (except for few basic ones) for an interview. It is basically the conversation and inputs which drive this whole thing. Your resume is the starting point of every discussion and then based on your replies and additions it takes twists and turns. We help you in understanding how to flow with these curves so that you sail through it confidently.

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