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A Few Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

- May 25, 2016

The world has seen many changes over the last few decades and keeping pace with the changes, there are significant changes in the staffing industry as well. Gone are those days when recruiters had to depend on those newspaper ads to get the right talent pool. With the advent of social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, recruitment has taken a complete new turn as recruiters find it easier to recruit through these social media websites.  social-media-recruit

There are certainly a bunch of benefits which lures the recruiters across industries to depend more on social media these days than they used to rely on newspaper or job portal ads in the yesteryears. In this article we would be quickly checking on some of the top benefit of social media recruiting.

No geographical barriers

With social media recruitment, the recruiters can wipe out the geographical boundaries when they search for the right candidate. With no geographical limitations in place, finding the accurate talent has become much easier than it was earlier. Also, reaching to the talent pool earlier than the competitors has become easy as companies use social media platforms for recruiting their staff.

Faster response with low investment

Getting a job advertisement published in the top newspapers or job portals is certainly a costly venture. On the other hand, getting the right talent pool for recruitment through social media platforms is a fairly low investment affair. With a much higher ROI, the companies are able to save a lot on the whole recruitment process by posting the jobs at the social media pages.

At the same time, as most of the people are connected to their social media accounts almost round the clock, the response time to ads on social media sites is faster than the conservative methods. Recruiters get flooded by applications as soon as a job is posted on the social media sites.

Access to huge talent pool

By following the traditional methods of recruitment, the recruiters could not reach a huge number of candidates. With social media recruiting, they get access to a huge and young talent pool that are easily available on the internet. Also, a larger number of candidate base gets the awareness of an open position, hence the chances of recruiting the best candidate becomes higher with social media recruiting.

Apart from these, there are certain other benefits like higher diversity in the candidate base or higher number of job ad postings owing to the low cost of the job posting. With all these benefits in place, social media recruitment is certainly coming up as a big way in the staffing industry and would soon be considered as one of the most reliable and effective tools of recruitment.

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