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Why Your Business Needs An Intern

- Jan 13, 2014

Well, we don’t really mean need in the true sense of that word. However, it makes sense to hire some interns for your business. While you may want to populate your business with battle hardened veterans of your industry, there are several reasons why you should throw in a few interns into the scene.



This is one of the top reasons that companies hire interns. Interns are generally willing to work real hard for less pay than a regular employee. They need the work experience to fill up space on their résumé. As a result, many would work for lower salaries than regular employee. Some would even work for free.

Although we are highlighting the cost saving benefits of hiring interns, it is important that employers realize that you should not fill up a company with interns just to reduce your cost.


Interns bring in a fresh perspective that your regular workers may miss because of their closeness to the situation. Since the interns are joining your company without any pre-conceived notions about the business, they usually offer a new way of solving problems.


Many employers complain that even after a rigorous staffing process, they are sometimes unable to predict how exactly a particular candidate would do on the job. By employing interns, you can offer a way to get employment in your company. This time, you would know exactly how the candidates would do on the job since they have spent some time interning with you.


By up-to-date, we mean that interns are conversant with recent happenings. They are at ease with technology and social media. This could be a big asset to your business especially with the way most industries are being revolutionized by technology. Hiring the right intern gives you the chance to tap into recent knowledge.


Most interns have little or no formal work experience. As a result, they tend to work hard once they get an opportunity to intern as they would like to leave a good impression and get the right references.


Businesses do not exist solely for the purpose of profit making. As a business owner, you have to give back to the community. By employing one or more interns, you are not only creating jobs, you are also sharing knowledge. This is what a socially responsible business does. Hiring interns would get you good press and good karma. If you treat your interns well, they can become brand advocates even after they stop working for you.

So if you have never considered taking in some interns before, those reasons should be enough to get you to start looking for some interns. If you need help on this, then contact ACE Employment Services. We are always poised to provide quality staffing solutions to our clients.

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