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6 Tips To Help Your Job Hunt

Derek Cirino - Apr 20, 2017

The real irony of job hunting tips and tricks is: there are so many websites with job search advice that you hardly have to invest 5 seconds browsing for some nuggets of ideas and wisdom. However, too much information can leave you overwhelming. If you are looking for some effective job search advice, let’s boil them down to six important points. 

#1 Resume

Always remember that your job application is going to be passed through a computerized applicant tracking system. If you want your resume to be filtered, it should have what the algorithm needs. Gone are the days when eyeballs scanned resumes. Today, applicant tracking systems are responsible for filtering resumes. That is why you should be precise in your resume. Make sure you create a resume that fits into the job specification perfectly.

#2 Referrals

Never stop with online applications. Remember that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of applicants out there. All of them what to nail that job you are applying for. So, start networking and figure out people who work in the firm. Talk to them and check if they can refer you in! This is not a shortcut but an easier way of bagging an interview.

#3 Skillset

Never stick to your resume! Don’t treat it like a tattoo! Your LinkedIn profile and resume can be breathtaking. However, if your practical skillset doesn’t match their job specification, you will be rejected! Try to become a master of your skills! Keep preparing and learning more. This will make you confident during the job search.

#4 Impression

You might believe that candidates with perfect resumes, safe interview answers and common clichés are the ones selected. This is absolutely wrong! Such candidates appear non genuine and stage. Most interviewers look for candidates who are both endearing and extremely polished. They prefer picking candidates who leave a likeable and a memorable impression.

#5 LinkedIn

Do you know that 90% of the world’s top recruiters hunt for profiles from LinkedIn? If you are not in this social networking site, you are not there in the race for lucrative jobs. Just like LinkedIn, you should harness other social media networking sites too!

#6 Gratefulness

Last but certainly not least, say “Thank You”. Don’t be a robot during the interview. When someone responds to your job search – say “Thank You”. This will speed up the entire process and increase your chances of grabbing that dream job.

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