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5 Tips To Creating An Impactful Resume

Derek Cirino - Aug 4, 2017

Try some exciting exercises with your resume. Let someone read it just for 6 seconds and then ask them what they have away from it.

Just six seconds? Yeah, because this is the average time that recruiters and human resource personnel spend on a resume during their hiring process. If there is nothing to grab within these 6 seconds then your resume will definitely be overlooked. That’s sad! But it is the right time to improve your resume writing style so that it can qualify the first screening process perfectly.

Here are few tips for preparing an impactful resume that can capture eyes of readers with ease:

  • Make it Readable:

Ensure that even when your resume is placed at some distance from eyes, it invites the person to read it more. It can be done by following proper section formation for your educational details, work experience, and skills. It is also good to use a sober color and highlight each section but doesn’t make it too annoying with deep colors.

  • Access your Targeted Audience:

Note that when you send your resume to a reputed company then there are several professionals from different background who will evaluate it based on their experience. Each one of them will give different ratings on your resume depending upon how much appealing content you have added to it.

Prefer to use a vocabulary that appears friendly to readers who are not specialized in your field. Focus more on accomplishments that will grab their attention.

  • Promote your Personal Brand:

There is no doubt to say that a resume is automatically weighted high if it follows industry specific keywords. But as soon as professionals start reading it, they add more focus to the branding statement that lies below your name and contact details. It is really important to reflect your personalities like a valuable brand with the perfect balance of skills, expertise and specific information that is relevant to hiring authority. Customize your resume as per the job profile and industry requirements.

  • Stay away from ambiguities:

Do not fill your resume with empty words or fillers because they will weigh it down. Always add valuable information that can reflect your ability to express yourself clearly. It is well proven that ambiguous statements in resumes sink the chances of getting hired and they also take away the impression of your valuable talents and skills.

  • Avoid Clichés:

There are few common phrases that hiring professionals often read in every resume like excellent communication, result driven etc. and the fact is that when they read it, they start yawning. Experts’ advice to create a resume without clichés. It is good to utilize all the phrases appropriately so that they can grab the attention of reader instead of boring them.

Use these tricks for your resume writing and it will ensure you a memorable experience for the next interview.

Good Luck!

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