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5 Reasons Why You Need a Recruiting Agency

- Nov 23, 2012

It’s seems like a lot of money, doesn’t it? I mean why pay someone to do what you can do yourself?

The answer is a question: How much more could you or your people be making for you if you let a professional do it?

You don’t do your own taxes, do you? You wouldn’t prepare your own legal documents, would you? Most people don’t even make their own newspaper ads. So why would you go at it alone when it comes to figuring out who you’ll be working with for years?

  1. They know what you need.

We all think we’re unique; that no one could understand our business. To some extent, this is true, but a really professional recruitment agency is familiar enough with your needs that they can handle the first wave of applications, sort of the “wheat from the chaff,” and bring you some truly viable candidates.

  1. It costs less than doing it yourself or having your people do it.

It takes hours and hours to go through all of the applications that you will get. Most decent jobs these days will garner 75-100 applications. Less than 10% of those can even begin to be viable for your job. Then there are the phone calls, interviews and preliminary paperwork. Multiply all of the work by the amount you pay your people, or yourself, per hour.

  1. This is not what makes you money.

No matter what business you are in, it is not hiring people that makes you money. You might make widgets, appear in court or build houses, but it is still not the hiring of personnel that makes you money. By hiring an employment service, you can focus on what makes you money, while someone else slogs through applicants to find you the right people.

  1. You don’t need more stress.

Few things are as stressful as finding new people. The applicants, the interviews, the decisions all of this is stressful. And you still have all of the stress of running your business at the same time.

  1. They know how to find the best people.

Employment services are professionals who are experienced with finding the right people for the right job. They are far more likely to find just the right candidate because the know what it is that makes a successful employee. They can see from a resume and an interview what it is that will make one person better for the job than another.

            Bonus: Reason #6: They have files of people looking already.

Because they are constantly recruiting people, they have volumes of files of people who are          looking for work. They can reach out and pull out files full of pre-qualified candidates who     might fit the bill, before anyone even posts an ad or makes a phone call.

Call ACE Employment today and find out how easy it is to list a position with us. You will be amazed how much easier it is to let us do it.

Has a recruitment agency helped you in the past? How much do you think it saved you? We welcome your comments below.

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