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5 Reasons To Conduct A New Hire Survey

- Oct 29, 2013

Have you ever employed staff that can’t seem to cope or fit into your company culture? Have you ever had to recruit twice for a similar position because the first person recruited did not fit in? Most employers are faced with the high cost of hiring as well as the cost of the on-boarding process.

Aside form the costs associated with recruitment and on-boarding, there is a need to assess your recruitment process. Your recruitment process is an avenue to propagate your company’s brand as well as to attract future employees.

How do you access your recruitment process? Apart from such metrics as time-to-hire, cost-to-hire and quality-of-hire, there is a need to access candidate experience. If you maximize candidate experience during your recruitment process, you are likely to get more quality candidates and top candidates would seek out your company.

When assessing your recruitment process, a critical means of information is the new hire survey. Many companies don’t conduct such a survey but it can provide solid information to help you improve your recruitment process. The following are the main reasons you need to conduct new hire survey:

  1. By conducting a new hire survey, you can find out what the candidates thought about your recruitment process. Did the candidates feel comfortable with your recruitment process? What part did they like and what part did they not like?
  1. You can find out what make candidates want to work with your company. What is the key factor that draws them to your company? When you conduct a survey of your new hires, you would be able to find out this factor and then you can choose to accentuate it and use it to attract more top talent in future.
  1. You can use the new hire survey to increase your new hire retention. People are happy when they feel valued. When you consider the opinions of your new hires, you make them feel valued. This would increase their commitment to your company.
  1. Employers use many methods and avenues to find their staff. How can you determine which avenues to focus on? By asking your new hires! Ask them how they got to know about this job and you can use this information in your recruitment planning.
  1. From the new hire survey, an employer can find out if the actual job that the new staff is doing meets expectations set during the recruitment process. From this, you can determine if there are errors with the way you are describing the position to prospective employees.

If you are still thinking about conducting a new hire survey, waste no time. There are benefits to the process. Let your new employees give you data that would help improve your recruitment process.

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