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5 Questions You Should Ask During An Interview

- Aug 25, 2014

Interviews are supposed to be a two way process. While your interviewer(s) are evaluating your suitability for the position, you are also able to use the opportunity to decide if the position/company would be a good fit for your career aspirations.

By asking certain questions, you can gauge the suitability of the company. Asking these questions could be a great way to show that you are committed to succeeding in the role.


Here are some non standard questions to ask:

  1. Do you like working here?

By asking this question, you can learn a lot about whether the company is worth working for. Your interviewer is unlikely to be expecting this question and the answer she gives could be telling. Watch out for facial expressions. A confident smile is a sign that the interviewer truly enjoys her job. Conversely, a cough and an unnatural pause could be giveaways that all might not be as it seems.


  1.  What is the career path for this position?

      The answer to this question would determine if his job can help you achieve your long term career goals. You would know if there is a plan for the position holder to advance through the ranks of the company.


  1. What are the top qualities needed to succeed in this role?

     This question would help you understand if you are going to be a good fit and the degree of adaptation that you would need to do to succeed in the role.


  1. If I were to start tomorrow, what would be the top priority on my to-do list?

    This question helps you put yourself forward as a strong candidate for the role. The interviewer would picture you as the position holder and from the answer you get, you would understand what you need to do to succeed if you are hired for the position. You would be able to get things done without needing much guidance because you already understood the expectations for the role.


  1. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t offer me this job?

     Many candidates balk at asking a question like this because it sounds risky. However, by asking this question, you have a chance to clear up the interviewer’s doubts by overcoming any objections they express. Asking this question can boost your chances of getting the job as it provides a further chance to “sell” yourself.


Always ask a question during your interviews. Saying you have no questions is a no-no. Always ask an intelligent question that would show that you are not just interviewing without purpose.

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