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5 Ideal Candidates for Seasonal Hiring

Derek Cirino - Oct 2, 2023

Seasonal hiring is a common practice for many businesses, especially in industries like retail, hospitality, and logistics. Finding the right candidates for seasonal roles can significantly impact a company’s success during peak seasons. In this blog, we’ll explore five types of candidates who are ideal for seasonal hiring and why they can be valuable assets to your team.

1. Retirees and Seniors

Many retirees and seniors are eager to stay active and engaged in the workforce during their retirement years. They often bring a strong work ethic, reliability, and valuable life experience to the job. Their flexibility and willingness to work during peak seasons can be a tremendous asset for your business.

2. Students on Break

High school and college students often have extended breaks during the summer, winter, and spring. These breaks provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain work experience and earn extra income. Seasonal positions align perfectly with their availability and can help them develop essential skills for their future careers.

3. Stay-at-Home Parents

Stay-at-home parents may seek seasonal work to supplement their family’s income during peak seasons. They often bring excellent time management skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and a dedication to getting the job done efficiently. Their ability to balance work and family commitments can be an asset to any team.

4. Gig Economy Workers

Individuals who participate in the gig economy, such as freelancers and independent contractors, often have the flexibility to take on seasonal roles. They are accustomed to adapting to different work environments and can quickly integrate into your team during busy times.

5. Recently Retrenched Workers

Some candidates may be in-between full-time jobs or recently retrenched. Seasonal positions offer them an opportunity to stay engaged in the workforce while they search for permanent employment. These individuals are typically motivated to perform well and can provide immediate support during peak periods.


Seasonal hiring can be a game-changer for businesses looking to meet increased demand during specific times of the year. Identifying and recruiting the right candidates for seasonal roles is essential to ensure your team operates smoothly and efficiently. Consider retirees, students, stay-at-home parents, gig workers, and recently retrenched individuals as valuable assets to support your business during its busiest seasons. By tapping into the potential of these candidate types, you can enhance your seasonal workforce and contribute to your company’s success.

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