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4 Ways To Bounce Back After A Job Rejection

Derek Cirino - Sep 18, 2017

Sometimes rejection can appear like a bitter pill to swallow after you have waited for so long to get that dream job. A lot of job seekers who have become successful in their respective careers today still had to go through one rejection or the other. Has your application for a job been rejected lately and thoughts keep coming to you that you aren’t good enough? The problem isn’t you as rejection is part of the job hunting process. You shouldn’t take rejection wholeheartedly if you have just read one via the mail or heard the words from your interviewer’s mouth. The important thing is bracing you up after getting a rejection.

Four Ways to Cope With a job Rejection


Don’t Feel Too Bad

One fact is sure: everyone gets a rejection from time to time. This rejection can come from the environment, society or even the family. In this case, however, you have submitted your CV at a different job opening positions, gotten interviewed only to find rejections coming back to you. The idea is for you to see rejection as an avenue for picking yourself up and preparing yourself for the trials of life. Convince yourself that the recruiters don’t know what they have missed by rejecting your application. Someone who is insightful will discover your worth soon as long as you don’t give up in your search.


Identify your Weaknesses

Every rejection you receive is an opportunity for you to do a self-evaluation as well as a portfolio re-evaluation. So maybe you become frightened when you are under pressure, or you forget everything when you’re facing your interviewer. Perhaps you don’t know how to speak confidently in public, you don’t know how to negotiate, or you don’t know how to present your ideas well in writing. You should go back to the drawing board and see how you can improve in these problem areas.


Ask Questions

Getting feedback on your performance can also facilitate your chances of preparing well for the next job opportunity after receiving a rejection. Irrespective of where the rejection is coming from, always stay positive. You could ask the interviewers questions that will give you clues regarding why you were not accepted. In your next search for a job, you wouldn’t want to repeat the mistakes that cost you the chance of landing the previous job.


Seek Professional Counsel

Many professional agencies can help you deal with rejections especially if you have noticed that your chances of landing a job are minimal. An expert will put you through some lessons and teach you some mistakes to avoid during your job search.


All these points will help you deal with rejection if you have constantly been finding difficulty landing a job. Study your weakness, improve on them, and you will be well on your way to becoming the next qualified employee.

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