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10 Tips For Recruiting The Right Person

Derek Cirino - May 4, 2017

Are you looking to recruit the right person that will fit perfectly well to your vacancy? Then you need to know several tips, which can be useful in recruiting new members. This article will let you know about the top 10 tips for recruiting techniques, which any employer can use in order to get the right person in.

  1. First of all, you need to think the recruitment process as a project. You need to have a proper plan and work according to the plan in order to make it a smooth one.
  2. Have a clear mind on what you are looking for. For that, you need to analyze the available position and determine all the skill levels that are required for the person who will apply for it. You should also analyze behavior, personality, and the type of person who can work in that position with less hassle.
  3. As an employer, you need to have a separate sourcing strategy. Having a strategy like this will assist you to find a perfect pool of candidates and select the best one out of the pool. If you don’t have enough knowledge or experience in this field, you can get the assistance of agencies that provide such services.
  4. Most of the companies rely on standard biographical interviews and CVs. However, you need to move into the next level, if you are willing to recruit the right person. For example, you can use behavioral profiling, conduct assessment centers, do psychometric tests and competency based interviews to filter the correct person.
  5. Since you are working according to a plan, you need to set your timescales and blend it well with the available resources.
  6. Recruiting new people is like walking through a mine field. Therefore, you need to think legal and act legal.
  7. When you advertise the available positions, applications will flow in and you need to track all of them. Not keeping the applicants informed will move them away from your company.
  8. Once you are in the final stage of recruitment, with a list of final candidates, it is always worthwhile to get to know them better. This will assist you to determine whether they will fit well or not, when you meet them at the interview.
  9. After the recruitment, you need to have a properly planned induction. You need to make necessary arrangements to make it a stress free one. The main objective of an induction is to ensure that all the new employees are in the correct stage of the platform and keeping this in mind will provide some relief to you.
  10. You can always ask honest questions from you and think whether you are doing the recruitment process right or wrong.

The effectiveness of these 10 recruiting techniques is proven and you can try them to complete a successful recruitment in a convenient way. They can deliver positive results for any type of a business.

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