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10 Reasons To Focus On Hiring Veterans

- Jun 6, 2013

Veterans returning from two wars have come home to find employment scarce and sometimes non-existent.

As a nation, this is a terrible situation that every employer can and should change. All veterans, even ones that came back wounded, are fantastic employees that are worthy of special consideration.

Mesothelioma in Veterans

Below is a list of reasons that every employer should place a special focus on the hiring of veterans and Guard and Reserve members.

1)      It’s every American’s duty to support those who fight for our freedoms. – Regardless of any political perspectives that might exist about these wars or any other, soldiers go to war with one intention: to protect and defend their home and loved ones. It is our job, as those who stayed home, to help them find gainful employment when they get back.

2)      No group is as well-trained to get the job done as military veterans – They have learned to take orders and get the mission accomplished. The vast majority of the time, the blessing of a great job is valued by someone who has spent time in a military setting.

3)      They understand a code of conduct – Military personnel have lived under a very strict code of conduct. They understand right from when dealing with others.

4)      Veterans are respectful – The wildest veteran is incredibly respectful person when you see them on the outside. They have learned to say “Yes, ma’am,” and “Yes, sir,” as part of their career. It becomes instinct when you could gt your butt chewed out for not using it.

5)      Former soldiers understand the importance of punctuality – For many soldiers and sailors, their days would begin at 4 am. Having a regular job with a regular start time is a wonderful thing.

6)      Military people understand paperwork – If there is anything the military is good it, its paperwork. Entire wars have been won by crushing the enemy under the weight of the forms needed to be filled out for the fight. Veterans are going to complain when there are only four forms to fill out.

7)      Vets are a healthy lot – Unlike most Americans, veterans have spent at least a few years of their lives in peak physical shape. They will tend to have less sick days and less injuries. That’s why their life insurance is cheaper.

8)      Military people have safety drilled into them – Even in peacetime, military maneuvers and the daily life of soldiers and sailors can be deadly. Military personnel have a tendency to have far more respect for safety, particularly of others, than most people.

9)      They know how to dress – If the job involves press slacks and polished shoes, you can rest assured that a soldier or Marine knows exactly how to show up looking great in their new uniform.

10)   No one is better prepared for crises – With all the training they get for handling crises, military personnel won’t freak out and scream. They will tend to take charge, make things happen, and get everything back to normal.

Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coasties and Marines are quite simply damn fine employees and can be counted on for anything that they are hired to do.

The unemployment rate among vets is higher than it is for the general population. It is even higher for female veterans.

It is our duty as Americans to take care of those who served in uniform, so please consider a veteran for any open position.

And on behalf of everyone at Ace Employment, we thank you for your service and invite you to come see us so that can help you find work as soon as possible.

By| Bob Peryea

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